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kenny g alto saxofone box
VST Kenny G
Alto Sax V1

Fantastic! now you will be able to play on your instrument the best Kenny G hits. How It Was Developed? We just captured all the notes separately in a professional studio and used the same equipment and instruments of the famous saxophonist Kenny G, including mouthpieces and reeds.The result is a fantastic sound! With this saxophone library, we guarantee that you will have the closest timbre of Kenny G sax. this product contains 1 instruments in NKI format: Alto Saxophone. File size: 24MB

Alto Saxophone
When recording Kontakt library, it was used the same setup of him, ie a Selmer Mark VI alto saxophone with metal mouthpiece Beechler Diamond S5S and Hemke reed Hemke #2 1/2. The result of these features is the actual timbre of him. The library was exclusively createdand setup by musicians who work with MIDI Keyboard or Wind Controller. that can thus be performed with enough realism as if you were actually playing with an alto saxophone Selmer Mark VI.
Wind Controller

Virtually any existing windcontroller can now be effectively used to play The VST. WC mode automatically maps the Dynamics to CC2.

Breath Controller

Virtually any existing Breath controller can now be effectively used to play The VST. BC mode automatically maps the Dynamics to CC2.

Midi Keyboard

The product can be used on a midi controller keyboard.

Real-Time Effects

1 velocity layers, Vibrato, EQ. Reverb and others. all effects can be adjusted in the vst interface.

Kontakt 5.5 or later

This VST requires the full retail version of Kontakt 5.5 or later (Kontakt Player is not supported).

Operating systems

Operational Systems: Windows (XP, Vista,7, 8, 10) and Mac (OSX 10.5 or later).

Keyboard or Windcontroller

The VST can be used with a midi controller keyboard or any wind controller.


Set up to work with breath controllers (TEControl, MRT audio, Yamaha BC3) wind controllers (AKAI EWI USB, EWI 4000s, EWI 5000, EWI SOLO, Roland Aerophone, WX-Series of Yamaha) and MIDI Keyboard controllers.

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