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Transform Your Performance With A Step-By-Step Method

Uncover secrets and advanced techniques to take your music to new heights
New Musical Possibilities

Our unique method has been carefully designed to take you from beginner to advanced levels quickly and efficiently. With years of experience teaching the Akai EWI, we know exactly what essential steps it takes to master this innovative instrument.
Practice Flexibility

Enjoy the convenience of learning to play the EWI from the comfort of your home, with our accessible teaching method delivered in a PDF file. Our practical approach emphasizes useful exercises and straightforward techniques, allowing you to progress rapidly in mastering the EWI.
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Guide Here
1. Introduction and Tips
2. Description of the EWI
3. Wind Instruments
4. Eletronic Wind Instruments
5. Brands and Models
6. Yamaha wx
7. Akai EWI
8. Overview
9. Hardware Elements
10. Mouthpiece
11. EWI Top
12. Bottom of the EWI
13. Position of the fingers
14. Midi
15. Software Elements
16. Configuration Parameters
17. Configuration setup anda sensors
18. Performance Configuration
19. Controller configuration
20. ARIA Software Synthesizer
21. The Saxophone
22. My Settings
23. Full fingering chart
24. The EWI Octave
25. Decorating the staff
26. Exercises on the staff
27. Extension of the EWI on the staff
28. Studying notes
29. Breathing
30. Ligature
31. Technique of (Hoo)
32. Exercise of the Technique of (Hoo)
33. Scales
34. Scale table
Discover The Variety Of Benefits

Convenient and Flexible
Learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. Our method allows you to practice whenever it's convenient for you, fitting seamlessly into your schedule.

Accessible Format
Receive the teaching materials in a convenient PDF format that can be easily accessed on various devices. You can study and practice wherever you go, without the need for physical books or materials.

Confidence Building
As you progress through our method, you'll gain confidence in your playing abilities. With each milestone you achieve, you'll feel more self-assured in your skills as an EWI musician.

Cost-Effective Solution
Compared to traditional in-person lessons, our method provides an affordable alternative without compromising the quality of instruction. You'll receive high-value teaching materials at a fraction of the cost.
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