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Master The Art Of Playing EWI
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Method The Secrets of EWI
- English Version -

Learn techniques and configurations
18. Performance Configuration
19. Controller configuration
20. ARIA Software Synthesizer
21. The Saxophone
22. My Settings
23. Full fingering chart
24. The EWI Octave
25. Decorating the staff
26. Exercises on the staff
27. Extension of the EWI on the staff
28. Studying notes
29. Breathing
30. Ligature
31. Technique of (Hoo)
32. Exercise of the Technique of (Hoo)
33. Scales
34. Scale table
Here Is A Rare Opportunity For You, Learn Easy And Quickly How To Play!

1. Introduction and Tips
2. Description of the EWI
3. Wind Instruments
4. Electronic wind instruments
5. Brands and Models
6. Yamaha wx
7. Akai ewi
8. Overview
9. Hardware Elements
10. Mouthpiece
11. EWI Top
12. Bottom of the EWI
13. Position of the fingers
14. Midi
15. Software Elements
16. Configuration Parameters
17. Configuration setup and sensors
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$ 29 USD
We accept EURO | GBP | JPY and Others
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