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A Premium Kontakt Library Of Four Exceptional Flutes

A comprehensive library for those seeking the perfect flute sound for their music
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Crafted With Precision

Crafted with meticulous precision, our flute library brings your compositions to life. From delicate melodies to complex harmonies, every note resonates with unmatched accuracy. Every subtle breath, articulation, and dynamic has been meticulously captured, offering an unrivaled level of realism.
Compatible With Your Controller

Optimize your musical experience with Akai EWI, Yamaha YDS-150, or Roland Aerophone – our library seamlessly integrates with these well-regarded wind controllers, ensuring a seamless and professional performance.
Discover The Variety Of Benefits

Professional Sound Quality
You can attain a realistic sound quality in your recordings or performances, with all the expression and character of a real instrument.

Affordable Price
Our Kontakt library offers an affordable price compared to other flute simulation software.

Super Easy To Install
Our Kontakt library is easy to install and use, with an intuitive interface that allows you to start playing in minutes.

User Manual And Support
The user manual shows you all the steps to get started playing, but if you need more help, simply contact our support.
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Create Professional Backing Tracks In Minutes

Do you want to turn your favorite songs into professional backing tracks? Have you ever imagined playing your favorite songs without the interference of original voices and instruments? Then you need to check out our amazing step-by-step guide!
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